Thursday, September 2, 2010

the news!

I touched on the fact that I had some news here and then published it here. Aching to know what it is?
Well, I am going to tell you anyways!
The little homemade, sewn press kits (that ended up making me a little crazy to create) but turned out pretty darn cool, contained more than cute stitching and our new, for the show, contained this:

then this:

followed by some of these:
these are patterns and artwork that I have working on whenever I have a free moment (and there are lots more!) designs that are not exactly what you are used to seeing from Bluedogz Design, but that are still very me! So what does all this mean?
It means that I am looking for design work outside my BlueDogz Design realm, it means that we should talk, we should shoot around some ideas, we should create some really beautiful things together.
Email, call or comment right here. Let me know if you need design or display work, don't be shy, and hurry up like my mother says!
By the way, spreading the word is always appreciated, so if you know someone who knows someone who knows someone, let them know!
keep surfing! ;-)

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