Monday, May 11, 2009

it's spring!

Don't we all start things with such great intentions? and then somehow, it's getting around to just doing it!...I have had some great excuses for not doing a better job at getting this blog going, well, at least one really great excuse...I had a baby girl!!!

Yes, Tess was born on March 26th, 3 weeks earlier than her due date and more beautiful and perfect (and tiny, just 5lbs 1oz) than I ever could have imagined.
Now I am not just in love with her Daddy, but madly in love with this tiny little person too...EVERYTHING has changed!

So when I thought I would start this blog to discuss (and limit it to) style, design, giftware and of course BlueDogz Design, I can't possibly not blog about my life too, this amazing little baby and my favorite hobby, roller derby...yes, you read it right, roller derby!

It was a toss up for a long, life, business and life...hmmm, what to do with this blog...well, stay tuned, you might get a lot more than you bargained for.

To begin with, I would like to introduce you to my amazing view while I work.
I simply have to look down into the carrier strapped to my chest/back and I can admire this beautiful little face (usually) napping so peacefully...

On a good day, I can get 1-2 hrs in a row of work done with her quiet and snoozing...on a really good day I can get those 1-2 hrs twice!
Just for a quick rundown, at 6 weeks Tess has been to her first roller derby tournament (and her team won!), she has made lots of noise through at least 10 business calls, she has almost doubled her birth weight, she has grown longer eyelashes, her eyes are getting bluer and she has puked on her parents more times than we can count (and that's in only 6 weeks!), I think these are amazing accomplishments.

As obsessed as I am with my child, amazingly, business is humming along...I am definitely feeling a change in the economic climate (are you?)...lots more calls and orders coming in in the last few weeks and generally hearing that clients are feeling less afraid and ready to get things moving again- YAYE!
We are too! We are presently updating the website and you will see our brand new collection of clipboards up any day now- 18 new micro designs, 8 new mini designs and 6 new BIG designs. From great new florals to cool personalise-able designs to new hip polka dots, damasks and a great flash art pattern! is a quick sneak peek at what's coming:

Also exciting in this new collection is that now, each micro and mini clipboard comes with not just 1 notepad, but 2!!! You still get the other great options; the painted clipboard (on recycled wood), a pencil on a ribbon, 2 strong magnets on the back and now 2 great notepads with matching covers and white perforated paper, what more could you possibly need?