Monday, October 25, 2010

little robots

Last night my uber talented friend Lynn and I, did a shoot for another friend's line, Twig Toys.
Most baby Tess photos you see and many of the photos on my site are done by Lynn. We have really been wanting to combine our ideas and start doing some work together, I style, she photographs!
Here are some of the results...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I like to POUF

I have a little Pouf obsession. I just love Poufs!
I only have one right now, a beautiful red leather one that easily slips under my white tulip coffee table (chill, it's an Ikea...the table), but I admit, I spend perhaps an unhealthy amount of time perusing Poufs...metallic poufs, suede poufs, morrocan poufs... lately? fur poufs!
I fell for this one at

(pretty sexy huh?...sheepskin, no less...)

but then...I was thinking about my friend Flokati Phil and ... looky what he is hawking...Flokati POUFS!

They are not the exact same, yes, I know...but heck, for a nice cushy POUF we are talking $139 (with FREE shipping) vs $299 and no free shipping...not too shabby! (go to the link that says Rugs On Sale), don't walk!

I had told you that I was going to be test driving some Foamwerks tools out at this past NY show, and my raving review is long overdue!
May I just say this, OMG Foamwerks tools are AMAZING!
You might think I am exaggerating, I am not, they make working with foamboard a whole new experience, a fun one at that!
I have been working with foamboard for years now, and have learned some great tricks from my friend Marc Tetro along the way. These amazing little tools however, make clean cuts and specialty cuts so much easier. Honestly, if you use foamboard for anything...foamwerks tools are a must!
I actually think that from now on I won't have to order that extra sheet of 4x8 at shows anymore for the just in case moments.
I *heart* foamwerks!