Saturday, October 16, 2010, don't walk!

I had told you that I was going to be test driving some Foamwerks tools out at this past NY show, and my raving review is long overdue!
May I just say this, OMG Foamwerks tools are AMAZING!
You might think I am exaggerating, I am not, they make working with foamboard a whole new experience, a fun one at that!
I have been working with foamboard for years now, and have learned some great tricks from my friend Marc Tetro along the way. These amazing little tools however, make clean cuts and specialty cuts so much easier. Honestly, if you use foamboard for anything...foamwerks tools are a must!
I actually think that from now on I won't have to order that extra sheet of 4x8 at shows anymore for the just in case moments.
I *heart* foamwerks!

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