Saturday, October 16, 2010

I like to POUF

I have a little Pouf obsession. I just love Poufs!
I only have one right now, a beautiful red leather one that easily slips under my white tulip coffee table (chill, it's an Ikea...the table), but I admit, I spend perhaps an unhealthy amount of time perusing Poufs...metallic poufs, suede poufs, morrocan poufs... lately? fur poufs!
I fell for this one at

(pretty sexy huh?...sheepskin, no less...)

but then...I was thinking about my friend Flokati Phil and ... looky what he is hawking...Flokati POUFS!

They are not the exact same, yes, I know...but heck, for a nice cushy POUF we are talking $139 (with FREE shipping) vs $299 and no free shipping...not too shabby! (go to the link that says Rugs On Sale)

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