Monday, February 14, 2011

La Chair

My late grandmother, Sarah, had a pretty ugly office chair. I ended up with it and after many years of sitting on it and not really like it at all, I decided it was time to give her, La Chair, a little makeover!
The backrest was a sticky sort of cheap vinyly material with a split right down the middle of it and the seat was a nasty sort of wooly, itchy feeling fabric...both were, well, kinda gross.

 I went to my wallet's favorite fabric store right now, Ikea, and had an idea in my head, but I can tell you, I came home with something totally different...check it out...
I had found a sticker on the bottom of the chair that had been covered by the original fabric and the date said 1965, I decided to go with it! A crazy fun pattern of swirls and circles of green, navy, pink and mustard, outlined in black...I don't really know what possessed me, but I have to say, je like!
I also decided that with all this fun color, I was just going to leave the weathered wood the way it was, maybe I will eventually decide to paint it or stain it another color, but with all the wood in the loft, and the shots of color here and there, it just looked right!
A super easy job that anyone can do with a good staple gun and a little extra foam batting (it needed a little plumping), and Tah Dah!
(The Ikea fabric is Saralisa and was $6.99/meter, I only needed 1 m)