Monday, August 9, 2010


there I was on a roll...and you all decided to email me offline and ask me a gazillion questions about booth design and ideas...first off, thanks for all the email and feedback, it's nice to know that you are reading these postings, remember, you can leave your comments right here, yes, here! right on the blog...don't be shy!
secondly, we are leaving for the show this weekend, in other words, time is running out on this stuff...
thirdly, it really isn't, so relax.
as I found out, many of you have great ideas and are using this information to tweak your booth more than anything, I like that!...given this knowledge, I will make sure that I spend some time taking photos of great booths or great booth elements for you to peruse. I will stick with the chiconomy style booths, where my experience is based, fun, clean, impactful stylish looks for those who can't or are not willing to break the bank or ship a house across the country. I look forward to taking some time to walk the show and check out the booths and to share them with you within the following few weeks.
I will also have used the new Foamwerks tools, so I will  also have all the news on that. Plus, of course the show news!

I have also been sidetracked by a few other things recently...
it's pretty new news, so hold tight and stay tuned...I am feeling ready to announce...(NO! I am not pregnant!)
In the meantime, happy boothing and you'd  better stop by our New York International Gift Fair booth! #4149


  1. Nadine I'm loving reading your booth ideas. I'm in the process of applying for the Toronto Spring One of a Kind Show right now (I've been on the wait list for the last two shows) and you're fueling the creative fires for me! Thanks so much, I'll eagerly await your observations and inspirations from the NYIGF. Hope all was successful!

  2. thanks Amy! I am thrilled that you are enjoying! lots more to come...and what's up with the one of a kind show? hello? your stuff is awesome!