Thursday, August 12, 2010

press kits

I mentioned that I had some news for you in my last post...I do, but first, I want to show you what I was working on yesterday. The news is actually wrapped up in my new little press kits for the NY show, the press kits are what I have been working on...
I wanted to have them professionally printed, I had this very complicated idea....had to scrap that...then I decided to print them myself...the printer decided to have a break down and I had to uninstall it reinstall it and mess with it for almost an entire day...fixed it. This of course came after a total PC melt down last week, where apparently I contracted some horrible virus, that I also somehow fixed!...and then, last, but certainly not least, as I was using my sewing machine for this project (a last minute, almost throw in the towel on the cool press kit idea, IDEA) it too, decided to have a tantrum!...I fixed that too.
Here is a little peek at what the press at the NYIGF and some select companies are going to get this show.
They are 4" x 5" and are printed on card stock. I then sewed them together to make little books.

I am going to package the whole kit in a cello sealed transparent envelope with my new business card and my new to follow!

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