Saturday, August 28, 2010

I hate to waste...

I am back from the August 2010 version of the New York International Gift Fair, and, suprisingly (yeah right!) I have alot to say!
Before I start however, I wanted to keep you up to date on my new business cards and postcards, the ones I mentioned here . I used a new printing company, and it was also the first time I sent my documents to print without having a real graphic designer format everything for me...this is where you might be thinking - "woah, Nadine...times tough?"... the answer is YES! So, I did what I had to do and you know what? I am SO capable of doing that part myself...big round of applause for me! hip hip horray...ok, enough.
Here is what I ended up with.
these are my new business cards...a new look to freshen things up. My pertinent info is on the front side and I simply used a new design element on the back side (sketchy roses) with some sketchy lines, for an area that can be used to jot down a note or reminder...a dual purpose business card!

Here is the front side of my new 4x6 postcard...a photo I happen to LOVE! taken by my friend (she took all the fabulous photos of Tess that you see on the blog also!). At you have the option of rounded corners (je LOVE) for a few dollars more!

Here is the backside of the postcard!...I was really happy with the result and most of all, I am thrilled that I was not forced into buying 5000 of each...I love changing things up and keeping things fresh and having 5000 of anything these days is just too much, even if the price is right. So this time it felt good knowing that I did not have to throw a bunch of pretty postcards out at the end of the show. I ordered 250 each of the postcards and the business cards and I feel free now to design a new card or postcard in the next month or so! May I also say that their customer service was so great that when I had ordered UV coating on the backside of the postcard, they emailed me to ask me if I was sure that I really wanted that...they were right, I didn't! Writing on UV coated cards sucks! (unless you use a sharpie), so I opted out of the UV coating on the backside. Thanks GotPrint!

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