Thursday, December 2, 2010

mi casa es Chi's casa...

Next on the list in my Feng Shui- ing overhaul was my front door...yeah, as you can probably guess, the post-it-note with the door number sharpie-d on was likely NOT going to cut didn't!
Katie and I had a nice chuckle about that one!
yeah, pretty bad!
So, I decided, after searching high and low for the very cute modern plastic 3-d sticky white numbers that most of the other lofts had (and that my loft door did NOT have) and that I could not find anywhere!? and that the owner's couldn't seem to get their hands on either...I would use some clean white sticker numbers in the same place that the other doors on the floor had their numbers stuck...
Ok, so my numbers are not 3 dimensional, or plastic, but they are darn sticky, white, the same size, very
pretty and utilitarian to boot! (ahh door numbers are so useful!).
While I was at it, I tightened all the door screws (which miraculously stopped the horrid squeaking...who knew?!) and gave the whole thing a quick wipe down with a damp cloth and some sweet smelling soap...Listen, this all might sound a little wacky, but I want CHi to make MY Casa Her feel free to flow in with all her gifts and surprises and goodness!
better...(and no more squeaking!)

Shui-status update:
front door- Check
red ribbons- Check
crystals- Check
Old unnecessary stuff OUT- Check
upside down ladies gone- Check
suddenly....Money is starting to flow in....
listen, I am just as surprised as you are!!!

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