Saturday, November 27, 2010

hello Chinatown...hello crystals!

Along with the red ribbons as a quick getting-started place for my Feng Shui makeover/overhaul, Katie talked to me about a couple of places in the loft that could use some crystals...this worried me slightly...
I mean, as much as I want change, I DO NOT want my place to look like some crunchy granola person's macrame- ish looking, holistic-ish feeling, Chinatown decored I being too superficial?...
So off I trecked to Chinatown! (about 2 blocks from where we live!)
Crystals, ok...ALRIGHT...crystals...whatever....
Katie told me I needed 2, OK...2 multi faceted crystals coming right up....She told me they needed some weight to them when I held them in my hand and needed to be hung on red ribbons/strings (again, in 9" increments and with intention!!!!). She told me I needed one on the heavy beam that runs right across the loft to cure the heavy beam and to disperse and balance energy...ok....I also needed a second crystal to hang up in the window that is directly down the hall and see-able from the front door into the loft, to keep the Chi within the space and not let it even be tempted to leave!
Katie told me that they wouldn't cost a fortune but to not expect them to be "like $5.00"...she was so right, I found them for $6.00 and frankly that was about all I could afford that day, $12 worth of crystals, done!
I took some time to look at all kinds of other cool stuff in Chinatown and was oh so thankful that Katie had not (yet) mentioned that I get one of those little flowing water statue- thingies!
oh please, NO NO NO! (plus the sound of flowing water inside makes me want to pee, like, pretty much all the time!)
I got home and hung up my's what happened...
Within about 30 minutes of hanging them up, I had this urge to clean out what I didn't really need around anymore...(namely baby daddy's stuff)...Now let me say that I LOVE my baby daddy, however, right now, and with what he/we are going through, the old stuff does not need to be hanging out at my re-energized and newly fung shui-ed space...It was not hard, not sad, not even emotional, it was liberating and good, it was cleansing and happy, there was no anger, sadness or weirdness, it was just time to clean it up and move it, plus, alot of it was stuff he very likely needed, so in fact, it was good all around or win/win, if you prefer.
The ease with which this whole process took place was absolutely astounding.

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