Friday, November 26, 2010

then we moved onto career...upside down ladies

It was time for my Feng Shui phone consultation! YAY!
Katie had all the info she had requested and I was ready to go.
I put baby down for a nap, I put the air conditioner on "sans" the cold part (it makes white noise, essential for phone conversations in a loft with a napping baby) I sat myself in my entrance hallway (it's the furthest spot in the loft from La baby) and I called Katie.
About an hour later I got off the phone with goose bumps, what an amazing call that had been...I was so excited to get things going.
Here are a few of the first big things I learned.
My bathroom/kitchen sink area (all parts of the loft that DRAIN OUT) was smack dab in the center of my Career Area (yikes!)
My office was in my Love Area and my living room was in my Wealth Area...(hmmmm).

This is where we started...It was agreed that I would do the biggest rehaul remedy, I would move the office area of my loft to the living room side and vice versa...
There were a few obvious little things to get around, but being creative and liking a challenge, I was going to make this work! (I'll get back to this part later)
Then, how could I fix the fact that my career was stuck in the toilet/sink?
Well, Katie explained that we could make this work, (since I couldn't move the bathroom)...The good thing is that water is the main element for Career...considering that there is a bathroom in my Career, there is a lot of water (YAY #1)...also, mirrors symbolize water, and POW, there is a huge mirror in the bathroom (YAY #2)...ok, this was looking up.

First thing was to "intentionally" stop my money from draining out...Katie told me to take red ribbon in 9" increments (either 9, 18, 27...etc) and tie them around all the drains in the loft, as I tie the ribbons I fuel it with my intentions to hold my money IN, to not let it drain out, to keep it with me, safe and protected, NO leaking!
I had 3 places to do this (kitchen sink, bathroom sink and toilet). She also mentioned keeping drain stoppers in the tub/sinks to further keep finances from "leaking out".
Next was to really pump up this career area, which was still, well, my bathroom...How does one do that?...
I had this cool framed print of these 1940's ladies doing handstands on the beach hanging over the toilet, Katie asked if I would consider changing the artwork. She explained that what this image was actually doing was adding even more downward momentum to the downwardness of the already downward flushing toilet...YIKES!
I told her that it was interesting, because I previously had a vintage map of NYC in that same place, but one day got a little freaked out that perhaps NYC would go down the toilet for me and since it is an important place for my business, I had moved it...
Katie asked what has happened in business since I moved the NYC print out of the bathroom and I realized that now, this coming January, I won't even be exhibiting at the Gift Fair ...UH OH...Upside down ladies, OUT!
Katie and I had a long conversation about how I could get my career/what I do/where I want to go with it and where I want my future, business- wise, creatively into my bathroom area.
The main colors for the career area are black/blue/deep colors...She liked the idea of me printing some of my patterns/artwork and framing and hanging them in the bathroom, or even painting the bathroom, or even painting one of MY patterns right onto the walls like a sort of wallpaper...such cool ideas! (stay tuned)
Katie also asked me to write down my career/business goals and dreams and place them in a special box in the bathroom somewhere, of course, like with all the cures, with intention!...
I started with the simplest, the red ribbons, within 20 minutes of getting off the phone, the ribbons were tightly tied around all outgoing pipes, oh, and the upside down ladies were off the wall and the nail holes in the wall were patched up with filler...
Next up would be a little trip to Chinatown, packing up what no longer served me, and furniture moving...

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