Friday, December 3, 2010

before and after...the sleep cave...aka "La Cave de Snooze"

Coincidentally, before my whole Feng Shui overhaul began...I was really spending an unhealthy amount of time thinking about wall painting...Jenna Lyon's home (yes, her fabulousness, of J Crew-ness) , featured in every fabulous magazine imagineable was etched in my brain and frankly, driving me a little curazy! (specifically her bedroom, since mine was driving me nuts)
Here's a peek at my inspiration: (via )
Interestingly, I learned on that in fact her bedroom is NOT this gorgeous deep charcoal gray, but rather, this:
Black chalkboard, I happen to LOVE black chalkboard paint, but I prefer the charcoal gray version! (plus, if you use matte finish paint, guess what?  you can chalk it up all you want!)
Now, getting back to my you likely know by now, it's a loft (just about 1000 sq feet), it has brick walls on both the east and west walls, windows on the north wall and the only actual wall walls are in the alcove/(slash)bedroom and leads to the small wall that is the front side of the open kitchen.
The alcove, is not anything other than a is the bedroom, and up until now, other than brick walls, the few walls we have were white...I kept feeling like I needed more color here, more warmth, honestly? (and this hopefully won't come back to bite me in the ass but), a little more interior drama!
Here is the before:
let's face it, do we EVER really make an effort in our BEFORE photos...nope!
(laundry basket, baby on bed, stool as bedside table...oy!)
and now...(drum roll please...) here is the AFTER!
...but you didn't think I was going to stop there did you?
heck no...
(notice that my lovely friends chalked a "happy birthday"
message onto my newly painted charcoal walls above the pillows...)

now it's becoming a true Cave de Snooze!

ok, so I didn't just paint...because once I had painted, I thought, hmmm how to go even further????
I had been thinking about separating La Cave de Snooze from the rest of the loft somehow and it all came to me, at once, in a moment of dramatic navy blue Ikea curtained brilliance (if I must say so myself)...
Ta Da! the curtains of LIFE! (as I lovingly refer to them) I am loving them!
(and you can imagine that napping is great for Tess in this plush, dark and cozy Cave de Snooze!)
I also switched out the old circa. 1993 big puffy pillow/santa fe-ish style covers for some simple gray velvet ones (yep, it's all about the velvet this week!) (perhaps my many years in the theatre?...hmmm will delve deeper when I have a minute...)
Anyhoo, gotta say, Snoozing in La Cave has been bliss...(and yes, maybe one day the crib won't be part of La Cave's decor, but for now, sorry Elle Decor, it's my reality!
So, what do you think?
Je L O V E it!


  1. I'm found out about this site through design sponge. I love your sense of humor. But you have to tell me these gorgeous paint colors and the name of the curtain of life. Thanks, Danyelle

  2. Danyelle, thank you!
    I used Behr paint from home depot- color: Dark Ash, Flat, the number here (in Canada) is 7705-5...It is so Mat that it really does make a fantastic chalkboard for my little one and wipes cleans remarkably well too!
    the curtains are...wait for it...IKEA! they are a navy blue velvet and the top is sewn so that you can slide a curtain rod through it, although I simply used the hooks- the model name is:
    the ikea photo does NOT do them justice, they are much prettier in real life!, hope this helps and thanks again for reading!