Thursday, November 1, 2012

Help us empty our warehouse!

We need to empty our Warehouse and all your favorite BlueDogz Design products are available at ridiculously low prices. If you are a retailer, of course, we have some super specials for you too, so get in touch asap (full displays, and fab holiday products, and yes, also at ridiculously crazy low prices!)
email : nadine(at)bluedogzdesign(dot)com
or, just call us!


  1. Nadine, I know you must have mixed feelings, esp. when I look at all these adorable creations. I hope your next adventure is AWESOME!

  2. Why close-out? I know the feelings of being away from something that is so valuable to you.. But maybe you have enough reason why you end up to this decision. Anyway, Good Luck to your next endeavor.

  3. thank you so much! I really need to update my blog :-)...all of our inventory is long gone and I am happily onto my next endeavor, updates coming, promise!