Sunday, December 26, 2010

bathroom Avec Art!

amazing how such a small bathroom can get so many to sum this all up...I needed to put some of "me", "my career" into my bathroom as my career area (in Feng Shui) of this loft happens to be situated right in the bathroom...yes, we went through some of the pros and cons of the situation...but I have been thinking and working on what to do here...Here it is:
I played with some of my patterns, drawings and designs and came up with a collage.
I sewed bits and pieces together and created something that I felt really represented my design work.
I have so many interests and I felt that I was able to represent a lot right here in this one piece.
It might even inspire a new little'll have to stay tuned.Below is a shot of the stitching that is throughout the piece and brings together all the different aspects into one large image. What do you think?
I had such a great time making it!

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