Tuesday, August 31, 2010

still more great booths!

My booth piece continues with  more of my favorites in the simple, clean, lower budget-but-fabulous category from the August 2010 New York Gift Fair,  here they are:

http://www.9spotmonk.com/ did a GREAT booth! foamcore white walls, covered in a fabulous high gloss orange vinyl adhesive. They also built a wall right in the middle of their booth which not only added 2 extra walls for displaying but also added architecture to the square booth. They used a craft paper brown to offset the high gloss orange to make their wall, for their bench at the back of the booth and for their floor.
LOVE this booth!
(and hope to have a link to share with you soon on where they got their orange high gloss vinyl!

http://www.flipandtumble.com/ took white and clean to new heights!
They did a floor that looks like wood, simple white furnishings (Ikea) and white walls.
They lined their white walls with their fantastic bags, making the colors simply POP!
I think the simplicity of this booth and the almost laboratory look of it was a really smart way to showcase their products, let me tell you, walking down their aisle, you HAD to look in their booth, and that, as the fabulous martha would say, is a good thing!

Lastly in this series, one of my favorite little booths at the show, http://www.baileydoesntbark.com/ .
Everytime I walked past this booth, I would admire and swoon a little...
Using simple dark stained wooden shelves and tables with non color, natural textured extras and vintagy details they acheived a beautiful soft look yet with a very sophisticated feel, right down to their beautiful sign! (the font is amazing!).
Through their display, they did a great job showing their clients how easy and impactful it could be to show their products once clients order them and have them in store.
They are showing retailers that their products look great grouped  (hey retailers, buy a bunch of our stuff and you too can have this look!) Hello? who wouldn't want this look!?
So smart! So effective...YAYE Bailey Doesn't Bark!
(for some crazy reason I didn't ask...but I hope Bailey is a cat or a fish...or a pet rock...)


  1. Thank you for the inspiration. Always on the lookout for great booth set ups.

  2. more stuff coming soon, just got back from NY NOW to build a booth for a client, will post asap!