Sunday, August 29, 2010

lots of really great booths!

The NY Show, especially (in my humble opinion) the Accent on Design and Studio sections of the show had lots of really great looking booths. Again, my focus here, is not to show you the booths with endless budgets, big ole bells and crazy loud whistles, but rather, the simpler, smaller, lower budget, everyone-can-do-something-great, type booths!
As a reminder, these 2 sections are not pipe and drape sections, so this will change the overall look of the booths in general. These 2 sections are also quite a bit more costly per square foot than some of the other sections of the show.
Here are a few booths that caught my eye:

The Vie Luxe booth in Accent on Design. They used beautiful screens with their logo and pattern. They also took a simple square booth and added some architecture to it by simply creating a wall in it, with the screening. Other than some simple white modern tables, the shelving unit they used at the front and some great little bouquets of flowers in and around their products the rest remained simple and clean with the focus on their products and the amazing press attention they have received.

Here is a little booth I spotted while walking around Accent on Design. I normally would never snap a shot of a booth if the exhibitor is not around, but since this was the last morning of the show and since I only had really nice things to say about it...I took a chance! Hope you don't mind Tedde!
Again, in my opinion, here is a perfect example of simple and clean!
The company logo clearly visible, the products displayed on these chunky looking blocky shelves (LOVE THIS!) and the overall feel of the booth is soft yet sophisticated and elegant, without being unapproachable, which is also very important in my opinion.
This booth says, "Hey, I'm hip, I'm hot and I want you to come in and check me out!" They even put up this cute little Back Soon sign, right in line with their look! Nice work Tedde!

Here is the adorably stunning booth of Andrea Panico or Pico Design and her Little Architecture line. As simple as this booth looks, don't let it fool you, Andrea spent hours and hours cutting out the hanging diplays so that they looked just perfect...and they did! She opted for no floor covering, which I think looks great and dark grey walls. She added a mustardy yellow table and 2 white stools and her logo and that was it, simple can make such a statement when done right!

Lovell was a first time exhibitor and WOW, I thought she did a fantastic job! It helps that her product is really great looking, but again, she kept it simple. She had the show install her walls (as she was not too sure how to get that done simply...she will read my blog and know all the ins and outs! :-) ) and she also rented her shelves from the show. These things really add up, would you believe in the 3 digits? me, I know...but, I have to say, I think she was wise in not making herself crazy and trying to do it long distance without having the resources in NY...She won't do it this way again and can achieve this same fantastic look for a lot less money, but if we simply look at the aesthetics of the booth...I say she did GREAT! She also did something really smart, by making little canvases of her product patterns and displaying them right below her logo...I thought this was a really nice touch.
Now, as you know, I pretty much think I know all the low budget tricks, but Allison showed me a new one and I think it's pretty spectacular! The Hercules Hook! (I am watching way too much Elmo and not enough informative TV!) anyhow, take a look, she used these right through her foamboard and they WORKED!
Allison...I am impressed! great line, great booth, great hooks! (and Canadian! of course!)

Right across the aisle from Lovell was another Canadian company called Pi'lo. I have to say, out of all the booths in the Studio section of the show that actually used the supplied stretched canvas walls, this one was one of the best! It looked fantastic and blended with Heather's line beautifully. Every time I walked past this booth I wanted to go in and look, or curl up and have a relaxing little snooze. It was soft, serene, soothing and so pretty! Simple wooden shelving, bamboo matting for the floor, a white console that tied in with wicker drawers and a white standing shelves. Heather kept the palette neutral, soft and natural, the result was a unified booth with a real feel to it, not just products lining shelves.

more to come....stay tuned...

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