Thursday, March 8, 2012

I cried, I laughed...I made a new fort!

After yesterday's breakdown, I got back to making something that I had been wanting to make for a while...a new fort for her tiny-ness!
A little over a year ago I put this little sucker together:

It was pretty simple, some large dowel, tied together with lots of ribbon and and old drop cloth that I draped over the structure, trimmed and sort of sewed into place. We had some good times in the little teepee fort, but, since we only have one, broom sized closet in our entire loft, and no where to really hide anything; after the initial new teepee play week was over, it became more of a pain to walk around than much else.
I folded it up, as best I could and hid it as best I could, which wasn't so great, as it ended up kind of sticking out from under the never-used-crib which is right beside the big bed. She still plays with it every so often, but it falls over lots, is getting harder and harder to set up and generally just kind of bugs me.
...Ever since I got KatieFengShui-ed...I don't know, I just have trouble having stuff hanging around that is not really doing anything... So, the other day, there I was on good ole' Pinterest, my favorite time suck (are you following my pins? you should )when I came across this little beauty.
Not only was it very very pretty, but I loved that when it wasn't being used, it could be folded up and put away. Here's what happened.

(and, all this with my reverse sewing lever not working on my cheap little sewing machine).
I used, all together now- IKEA fabrics for the details and 2 big canvas drop cloths that I sewed together for the actual house part. You can pick them up at any local hardware store and they are great for these types of projects or for any indoor forts in general. (indoor forts...that almost sounded like...oh, never mind)
I think she is going to LOVE it!

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  1. I am totally doing this for Jack. It's awesome :)