Thursday, December 1, 2011

still making stuff - easy vitrine redo

Even if things have been busy and transition-y...I always have little projects happening around the loft. A super quick one was turning Tess's little vitrine, where I keep her clothes, into what she now calls "the bird house".

The vitrine was purchased a long time ago when I was living in Basel Switzerland.
A jewelry store down the street was going out of business and was selling this little gem for about $100. Super cheap by Swiss standards! It has traveled with me ever since and has held just about everything, from office stuff to dishes, clothes and books. It's that great size, not too big and not too small and has lived in my various living rooms, bedrooms and home offices.

Since our loft has only one, miniature sized closet in the entire space, I decided that the vitrine would be Tess's wardrobe. It's perfect! Since Tess, from time to time, likes to "rearrange" her wardrobe, I decided that the clear glass front doors needed a little dressing. I had this great piece of... once again, all together now, "Ikea fabric" and thought it would be perfect. I simply cut two panels to fit inside the doors, used some very tiny L screw hooks and that was all...seriously, that. was. it.
I didn't sew any fancy loops or anything,
I pushed each one of the hooks right through the fabric. done.
Since this piece is actually in the living room area of the loft, I thought that this fabric was just the right combo of sophisticated but fun for Tess...she loves it, and I don't see the mess anymore, except for maybe my not so professional cutting job on the inside that I am now looking at below.
(oh well, apparently I got a little over excited!)

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