Friday, December 24, 2010

the soon to be headboard of LIFE!

My friend Lynn, the one who takes all the beautiful photos of Tess, is, well, how can I say this?...a bit of a collector. She recently moved in with her man and is in a bit of a purging phase right now. Being the great friend that I am...check out what I scored, helped her purge!
It's a big old frame with lots of detail and specialness and it is going to make the very best headboard EVER!
Katie told me that I should consider a headboard, that it is like "back up", "support", "got your back-ness" in Feng Shui...I was planning on drawing one on the wall, since the walls are like a giant chalkboard, but I still hadn't decided on what I wanted to draw. Then this beauty showed up!
I plan to paint it (probably the same color as the walls, that tone on tone thing, je Love), then, I would like to slightly pad the inside and upholster it in a fabulous fabric...I am thinking a stripe. I know that I have a photo in one of my magazines that I love (just have to find it!) that was similar to this...they used a striped fabric and it looked amazing...I will keep you posted on this project...I am VERY excited about it!
oh, and before I forget, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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