Sunday, November 7, 2010

cute kids...armless?...and what's a TRF?

I was perusing the old navy site this morning, as I had received a 30% coupon for in store use and thought I would see what was new and exciting...which led me to The Gap, well, because it's just a click on a tab away from Old Navy... which led to a hop over to Zara...can't tell you exactly why, oh wait...I remember now, the adorable Mia, the other kid in our building has fabulous clothes! I was admiring her adorable moto boots the other day and her grandpa chirped "Zara"...I doubt Tess could actually walk in them, or that they make them tiny enough for wee one, but now you can rest easy, as you now know my clicking cute is this stuff?

this raincoat might the cutest thing I have ever seen...but look at those boots!!!!
here are some close- ups...
then there is this look...
who needs pants when you have such a cute top and vest and boots? right?
and then....this....
how sweet of always spot on trendy Zara to use an armless child for their fall campaign!
Lastly, I just love the way one of their baby categories is named "JOGGING"....
coats, dresses, skirts......etc.....JOGGING!
and now, really Lastly, as you can see I put a question mark beside TRF...They carry clothes for
WomAn, mAn, Kids and this special thing...TRF...
when I took a look at the clothes I noticed lots of puffy jackets and short skirts...any ideas?


  1. TRF is short for Trafaluc.It's there teen/ juniors section.

  2. I do love the boots. They are so cute and looks so warm to wear. I wonder what its made of.