Saturday, November 28, 2009

thank you for calling but...

Is it just me?
or does calling someone and NEVER getting a person at the other end make you crazy too?
I am not talking about a government office or customer service, I am talking about calling a human, someone you actually know, someone who might be 2 people, someone who might be dating your father and someone who might even be your father...
how much more annoyed might you get if you are not just calling because you feel like saying "hey", but because either both or one of these someones actually ask you to call, repeatedly?
Me? I get annoyed.
So, whether it's because you are so popular that you get countless inbound calls per weekend (icpw- just made that up!) or because you are being stalked by a psycho and feel that you must turn off both your landline ringer and your cell phone, why o why on earth do you ask me to call?

By the way...the lame excuses, the giggles and the snippets of information that boil down to "we are so into eachother that we just can't pick up a call"  don't make it better. ew.

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