Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Back from DC!

We made it back! holy crap that was a whirlwind!
There is alot to blog about, including follow up on the aircard, the credit card processing, chef ROCK STARS and doing a retail show in general, however, here is a peek at what the booth ended up looking like...I am not one to brag, but I think we definitely had the best looking booth! (Tess was very excitied about that!)

our back wall with sharpie "mouldings" and a foamboard shelf/built-in thingy

the whole booth and bit of our Salsa neighbor's booth


  1. Love the booth! So very creative!
    I have set up many a booth for Fashion trade shows in NYC. I think your strategy of design & paper was also the smartest way to go!!! No heavy lugging other than product!

    Hope the show was a Huge success!

  2. Nadine, your booth looks beautiful ! With your blue/white color scheme and the hand drawn moldings...the effect looks very nice !