Monday, October 12, 2009

sleep when she sleeps...

I remember when Tess was first born, numerous people told me,
"make sure to sleep when she sleeps!"...

Clearly these people with the wonderfully good advice must have had around the clock help, personal chefs, a cleaning staff and a wet nurse.
We, on the other hand don't. As entrepreneurs who need to work, people who like to shower once in a while, those who attempt to clean up on occasion and parents who like to eat without simultaneously breast feeding or juggling a little one ALL the time, funnily enough, unless it's actually during the night,
we do NOT sleep when she sleeps...
plus, let's face it...if we did, how would we ever catch moments like this?

Yesterday, which was a Sunday, as I was catching up on some email and extra work (while preciousness SLEPT-btw, it is the fabulous Marc Tetro who named her that, but we like it! )...I found myself doing that email conversation thing- (you know, when you email someone, they email right back and so on) with none other than TV personality and celebrity designer Courtney Cachet (she chose our Be Boxes to be on her "Coolest List"- more to come on this later- I am THRILLED!!!), at one point she emailed..."so you work on Sundays too? :-)..."at that point I thought- Damn, busted, I should have waited until Monday to respond to her email and I would have looked so much cooler, but then I thought, since I am someone's Mom now, I will likely never be considered cool again, unless it's like the "Hey, your Mom is cool, for an 80 yr old!" kind of way, so Yes, here it goes- I own it- I work on Sundays, I do not sleep when my baby sleeps (but I DO shower), I am really not very cool (unless playing roller derby ups my cool factor just a little) and frankly I have never cared less!
Oh, but guess what?...I'm in good company! because my exciting new email friend Courtney Cachet works on Sundays too! not because she was blackberrying me from her private jet en route to Bora Bora but because she has TWO little ones and does NOT sleep when they sleep either!

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  1. My Google alerts led me to this...very cute!
    Yup, celebrity designer/TV personal;ity works on Sundays! here's the thing: Working on Sundays is how I got here and how I will continue to rise. Thank you for the lovely and oh-so-cool little boxes. They are sure to be a big hit. Your daughter is precious, that is a certainty.
    For the record, I think you are cooler that you do work on Sundays.
    Keep up the great work, you are a great inspiration to your daughter!
    Warm Regards,
    Courtney Cachet